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Learning Begins Here

Toddler Playgroup: 2 – 3 year old

Preschool Class: 3 – 4 year old

Pre-Reception Class: 4 – 5 year old

Learning Through Play

Is an important part of the way our children learn and interact. It enables children to make sense of their world around them.

Promoting Creativity

In a warm, welcoming and stimulating educational environment which helps learners experiment, explore and grow in self-worth and confidence.

Engaging and Interactive

An engaging experience that encourages social skills, how to compromise and be respectful to others.


Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Aim.

Every parent knows and understands the importance of their child’s first year of education. With this in mind, Nicole and Jonathan Woolley founded Kids on the Bay with the vision of being a place where children can reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability, realise their purpose and learn the principles that form a solid foundation in education and in life.

Through a carefully planned program Kids on the Bay ensures a stimulating, enriching and enhancing introduction to education, where children will learn through age-appropriate activities in a creative, fun and playful way. We believe that by teaching them to care, be considerate and show respect to one another that they will learn good, positive qualities which will help them grow into strong, confident individuals. By gaining the most out of every day at school we hope that they will leave our care feeling ready and prepared; cognitively, emotionally, socially, physically, creatively and ready to integrate with ease into formal school.

Our Team

As teachers we take a hand. Open a mind and touch a heart.


Nicole Woolley

Founder and Educator

Nicole is a qualified Bed Foundation Phase Educator. She studied through UNISA and majored in Psychology. She has 10 years of experience and she taught Grade 1 for many years before starting the establishment, Kids on the Bay. She is an ex-Camps Bay pupil and is now a proud mother of two. Nicole is the Principal of the school and occasionally teaches in all three classes.

Nedie Mubaiwa

Nedie Mubaiwa

Pre-Reception Teacher’s Assistant

Nedie is a qualified Au-pair & has completed a Childcare Pre-school Stimulating Childhood development course. Nedie is a mother of 3 and has been part of Kids on the Bay since January 2015. She is the assisting teacher for the Pre-Reception 4-5 year old class.


Margee Colling


Margee has 5 years’ experience in Childcare and education and is currently qualifying with a degree in Bed Foundation Phase. She is an ex-Camps bay pupil and has a First Aids Training certificate.
Margee has been part of Kids on the bay since January 2016, however she is currently on Maternity leave until July 2019.


Linda Chidavarume

Teachers Assistant

Linda is a qualified Au-pair & has completed a Childcare Pre-school Stimulating Childhood development course.

Linda is a mother of 2 and has been part of Kids on the Bay since January 2016.

Linda is the assisting teacher for the Toddler playgroup 2-3 year old class.


Tegwyn Thomas


Tegwyn is a qualified Foundation Phase Educator. She studied at the College of Cape Town for her Diploma in ECD and First Aids training certificate. Tegwyn has been part of Kids on the Bay since June 2016 and runs Kids on the Bay aftercare/ holiday programme. Tegwyn is the educator for the Toddler playgroup 2-3 year old class.


How we communicate.

Kids on the Bay seeks to work as a ‘team’ with parents to create a consistent and dynamic developmental blend between home and school so that each child can progress without anxiety or pressure. This will attain their greatest potential while developing a love and excitement for learning.

Each child has a message book and reading packet to make communication easy between the teacher and parent.

Each child receives a written report (twice a year) to show the learners progress.

We keep our parents up to date with a monthly newsletter and every parents is part of a class whatsapp group, which is updated with pictures, information and important messages.



The Daily Routine.

Arrival, greetings and free play: Arrival time starts from 8:15. Learners will have time to socialise, play and settle down before starting the school day.

Morning ring: A teacher directed time for the whole class to participate in. We discuss the weather, news, show and tell, the theme and the days activities. This time also includes songs, numeracy and various language activities.

Free play outdoors:  Individual choice activities, where children are allowed to play freely in the outdoor area or at the neighbouring park with supervision.

Music and Movement: A teacher directed time which involves singing songs, action rhymes, movement to music, dramatisation of stories, PE and the playing of musical instruments.

Creative Art Activities: 1 or 2 creative art and craft activities are set up for the whole class. It is a time for learners to be creative and work at their own pace and level in a creative way.

Tidy up time

Lunch: Parents must provide a healthy snack which children will have in the classroom.

Quiet book and puzzle time: Individual choice activities, where children are allowed to complete educational puzzles or read/ picture read books in the book corner.

Free play outdoors:  Individual choice activities, where children are allowed to play freely in the outdoor area or at the neighbouring park with supervision.

Tidy up time

Story time: A teacher directed time, where children develop their concentration skills and expand their knowledge and experience through books and stories, which helps language enrichment.

Home time: School ends at 12:15 unless a learner is participating in an extra-mural.



The following extra murals privately run and available to all children:

  • Monday: Monkeynastix and Teddy Tennis
  • Tuesday: Sports Hubb
  • Wednesday: Manner 4 Minors
  • Thursday: Build em Brix or Ballet
  • Friday: Soccer
  • Individual lessons: Piano



The following term dates apply:

Term 1 20 January 2020 19 March
Term 2 1 April 2020 11 June 2020
Mid Term Break  27th April 2020 1 May 2020
Term 3 8 July 2020 17 September 2020
Term 4 30 September 2020 1 December 2020

School Gallery


Our School is a happy place where children love to play and learn.

2020 Fees


X3 a week R3350

X4 a week R3500

X5 a week R3650







PRESCHOOL CLASS (3-4) R3500 (everyday) R10500 R37800
PRE-RECEPTION CLASS (4-5) R3500 (everyday) R10500 R37800


For Application Enquiries, download and fill out our application form then email it to us.
For alternative enquiries, contact us here and we will get back to you.